The European aviation safety organization, EASA has introduced a method for measuring drone noise levels of unmanned aircraft below 600 kg flown in the Specific category. With this, EASA wants to limit the noise nuisance from drone operations.

National governments can use the measurement method to set requirements for drone flights over nature reserves or urban areas. Stakeholders have until mid-January to comment on the proposal.

Social acceptance of drone noise levels

In the future, drones will be used in more and more places to perform all kinds of tasks, ranging from inspections, media production, and cartography to rescue missions and parcel delivery. Certainly, the Specific category offers all kinds of possibilities for this.

But a lack of social acceptance can still throw a spanner in the works. The degree of nuisance resulting from noise production is an important factor here. Few people are waiting for the sound of all kinds of drones flying overhead,…