spraying dronesDrones are a major tool for agriculture, recognized by the World Bank and advocacy organizations around the world as a way of securing the global food supply.  In Asian countries and elsewhere, spraying drones are widely used to apply fertilizer, pesticides and other products for more efficient farming.  How are spraying drones bringing new opportunities to rural America?

Taylor Moreland of AgriSpray Drones, speaking from DJI AirWorks, believes spraying drones like DJI’s new Agras model are can help more families farm together and give young people a way to stay in farming communities.

Growing up on a family farm, agriculture is a big part of Taylor Moreland’s life – but he always knew that in order to make a reasonable income, he wasn’t going to be able to immediately return to the family farm.  After graduating from college, he started a seed business, and that’s when he first was introduced to drones, using the Phantom 4 for general crop scouting….


Source: dronelife.com