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Sony Releases Free Update for Sony Camera Remote SDK

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Sony released the updated Version 1.06 of its Camera Remote Software Development Kit (SDK) today, with the new version featuring compatibility with Cinema Line Cameras, the FX6, FX3, and FX30. The free to download update includes support for third parties in creating custom applications using Sony cameras. This new version also grants a suite of new features with particular relevance to the fields of inspection, drones and content creation.

The update’s new ‘Drone GPS sync’ (Location Information Transfer) capability allows for the accurate linking of GPS information to still images in real-time through sending “ImageID” from SDK. Other additions include new operational menu settings, such as Reset / Save Settings, which provide users with an optimized workflow.

Newly added FX6 compatibility provides control functionality through Content Browser…