Don’t miss Troy Hittle of Elistair on Dawn of Drones Wednesday, October 12 at 11 am EST as they talk about tethered drones.  Stream below:

Join us this Weds 9am MT / 11 am MT on the Dawn of Drones podcast, as we continue “Industry Enablers” month, sponsored by TruWeather Solutions, featuring Grand Sky, and presented by DroneLife.

This week,  Dawn speaks with Troy Hittle, Elistair, creators of the Orion Tethered Drone. Tethers for drones are a critical mission enabler that provide a unique persistent safety architecture. Learn how Elistair’s tethered drones provide up to 24-hour of uninterrupted flight time, automated flight profiles and a hierarchy of multilevel failsafes, across a range of use cases.

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