Skydio Hurricane IanIn every emergency since 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, the drone industry has been at the forefront of recovery efforts.

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Aerial intelligence has proven critically important for first responders during emergencies and rescue operations; drones for roofing surveys, utility inspections, infrastructure inspections, communications and more are now indispensible for recovery and rebuilding.

Skydio Responds to Hurricane Ian

Drone manufacturers and service providers consistently do their part to assist.  Now, US-based drone manufacturer Skydio is stepping up for their enterprise and public safety customers engaged in response efforts for Hurrican Ian, setting up an emergency framework of free support services to keep critical drones in the air.  Customers should contact Skydio for details: during the response efforts they can access a 24/7 emergency support hotline, free advance aircraft replacement, and more.   Skydio has sent staff to the region to…