The DJI Digital FPV System for drones is now compatible with RunCam’s new 120fps Wasp camera series.

DJI has released firmware updates for its Digital FPV Air Unit (v01.00.06.08), Goggles V1 (v01.00.06.08), Goggles V2 (v01.00.06.06), and Remote Controller (v01.00.06.08) to add support for Runcam’s new Wasp 4:3 camera models.

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The Wasp is RunCam’s first 120 fps digital HD FPV VTX camera optimized for low-light conditions. It supports a 50 Mbps transmission rate and latency as low as 28 ms. The field of view (FPV) you get is 155 degrees, which is slightly better than what DJI’s stock camera offers.

Here’s a comparison video released by RunCam to show the difference between the two:

It’s worth pointing out that the Wasp’s closest competitor today is the 60fps Caddx Polar, which also handles low-light situations well but is limited in the scope of latency. Moreover, Caddx Polar neither…