Tel Aviv’s startup scene underwent a transformation around 2019, moving from a system of “Holy Grail exits,” as Eli David, CEO of StartUp Link, puts it, to “building companies not looking to sell to Google right away.” 

As has always been the case, the military is still the main source of founders—not least because almost everyone passes through it, but also for its emphasis on problem-solving and a focus on cybersecurity, AI, and robotics. There’s growth in Web3, gaming, and productivity startups while countries like India are coming online as customers. “We have a brain-drain problem,” admits Michel Abadi, managing partner of Maverick Ventures Israel. “But we have a lot of patience.”


“We’re mapping the immune system and all its different pieces, from cell types and cell states, to provide researchers with a complete map and comprehensive understanding of the immune system,” explains Luis Voloch, who cofounded Immunai with Noam Solomon in 2018….