Skydio has launched a new five-year, end-to-end autonomous drone package called SAFE for organizations building fleets around Skydio X2 aircraft. The all-inclusive plan guarantees predictable budgeting, future hardware refreshes, and ongoing updates and support from the NDAA-compliant drone maker.

Skydio SAFE program

As Skydio points out in a statement, building and operating a drone program can be difficult.

Technology evolves, budgets are cut, program managers get promoted away, wear and tear become unavoidable, etc. But in order to maximize a drone program’s impact, operators need to be able to focus on delivering value in the field, not worrying about ongoing administrative issues.

That’s why Skydio is excited to announce the general availability of our SAFE (Skydio Assured Future Equipment) program, which supports organizations building fleets around Skydio for the long haul.

Available through flexible annual or lump-sum payment models, Skydio SAFE…