A drone took off in the Frisian Oranjewoud in the Netherlands on Wednesday that aims to make the longest civilian drone flight so far in Europe.

The goal is for the drone to fly to Copenhagen within four days. The drone traverses the airspace of three different Countries. With the drone flight, Antea Group wants to show what drones can be used safely in the future.

Drone flight postponed

The record flight should have taken place last summer. But due to problems with licensing in Germany, the flight had to be postponed.

In the early morning of Wednesday, October 5, the drone was still able to start its journey. The drone flight is performed by DroneQ Robotics.

AirHub took care of the flight preparations. The most exciting part is on the program on the first day: crossing the border from Eemshaven, in the Netherlands, to Germany.

The drone that is flown is an aircraft from the German manufacturer Phoenix-Wings. It concerns the PW One, a so-called VTOL. That…


Source: dronexl.co