drones and digital twins

image: vHive

Digitization is Driving the Drone Market in Enterprise: The Evolution of 3D Models and Digital Twins

“Scale” is a word of the month in the drone industry.  While large industry and Fortune 500 companies have been using drones to gather data for years now, a combination of regulatory gray areas, complex workflows, and the lack of a clear and easily realized ROI has held many industries back from integrating drones into their operations at scale.

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That seems to be changing.  Greater clarity on regulations, more automation in drone platforms, easier workflows and better analytics are delivering on something critically important to enterprise businesses: digitization.  Digital Transformation and the efficiencies realized are so important to the post-COVID enterprise that there is a 2-letter abbreviation for it: DX.  Digitization is the process of converting data into a computer-readable, or digital, format – and…


Source: dronelife.com