Verizon in Florida, tethered drone communications

image: Verizon

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, the Response Team from Verizon is in Florida – with drones and other deployables to restore communications and provide first responders with critical aerial awareness.  

All images courtesy Verizon, used with express permission.

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Just days after Hurricane Ian swept through Florida, causing major destruction and downing communications infrastruction, VerizonFrontline was there with drones, trucks and trailers – more than 100 deployables providing tools for recovery efforts.

Eric Durie, Verizon Public Sector, Communications Manager, was on the ground with the team when DRONELIFE reached out to discuss the use of Verizon’s tethered drone restoring communications over Sanibel Island.  The barrier island was particularly hard hit by the storm.  A portion of the causeway linking the island to the mainland has been destroyed, hindering rescue and recovery efforts. Governor Ron…