The European Commission has introduced a Legal directive to protect citizens and businesses against artificial intelligence (AI)-based products, such as advanced drones with AI.

Based on the AI ​​Liability Directive, it should become possible to sue manufacturers as soon as damage occurs in any way as a result of the application of AI.

Drones with AI (artificial intelligence)

AI is being used in more and more (consumer) products. Modern drones also make full use of AI. For example, to automatically follow a person or object during filming or to determine a route independently.

AI is also used, for example, to detect deviations automatically during inspections. With the help of advanced facial recognition, it is even possible to locate wanted persons in a crowd from the air automatically.

However, there are also risks in using AI. Think of a drone that collides with something because of the obstacle detection or an automatic flight planner misjudging a…