Best Cameras for Drones

Hobbyists buy drones for all kinds of reasons, but the most common is that they want to get involved with aerial videography. FPV drones come with built-in cameras that are optimized to provide live-video feed with the lowest latency. If you want to capture cinematic-like 4K footage you will need a second action camera installed on top of your drone.

In this article, we collected the best cameras for drones from the most reputable brands such as GoPro, Insta360, DJI, Caddx, and RunCam. When you say ‘Best camera for drones‘ you should have much more aspects in your mind than just video quality. The searching process should start with your budget and your drone’s lifting capabilities. For example, a 2-3″ FPV quadcopter can safely lift a 15-60grams camera, but a GoPro 11 weighs twice as much. Professional digital cinema cameras such as Zcam and Red Komodo require X8 Cinelifter drones with more than 2kg payload.

RED KOMODO camera on X8 CineLifter

Some of the best action camera brands…