Celebrating the Chinese National Day, DarwinFPV announced their first waterproof cinematic FPV drone with an IP67 rating for harsh environments. Like Marvel’s muscular humanoid superhero, the DarwinFPV HULK also has green colour.

The DarwinFPV HULK has two floaters that allow landing on the water’s surface. The floaters also prevent sinking completely underwater. According to the manufacturer’s specs, the max takeoff weight is 720 grams. The HULK drone itself (without battery) weighs just 290 grams.

Instead of using an encapsulated watertight fuselage, DarwinFPV opted for a classic open-frame design. TAll electronic systems are made of the glue pouring process and the aluminium alloy shell, which not only carries an excellent appearance but is very durable. It has IP67 protection grade, excellent waterproof and dustproof performance and can be used in harsh environments (mud, ice, snow and water) without damage.

Darwin HULK is equipped with a 4/6S…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com