With a brighter and more vibrant lick of paint, Watch Dogs 2 leaves Watch Dog’s Chicago behind and sees the likable Marcus Holloway join the underground hacking group DedSec in California’s Golden Gate City.

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It’s a great representation of the Bay Area and is chocked full of side activities, gang hideouts and all the Easter eggs you would expect out of an Ubisoft open-world game. With roughly 20-30 hours of hacking-based activism to get stuck into, it can be difficult to know where to start to get the ball rolling. Here are some handy tips that will likely help you take your first steps in Watch Dogs 2’s sunny San Francisco.


10 Start With The Trickster Skill Tree First

The Ghost, Aggressor and the Trickster are the three main play styles in Watch Dogs 2 that each bring their own unique mechanics to the table. While Aggressors and Ghosts cover your destructive gunplay…


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