Mongolia has been featured before in the drone video section on DroneXL. It’s high time to show new images made by Bashir Abu Shakra of this beautiful country. He spent 18 days in one of the most remote areas of the massive Northeast Asian country. The video contains beautiful shots of the very characteristic rock formations of the country. The distinctive white Mongolian horses also come into view.

On expedition to create drone video

In the video description, Bashir Abu explains what was involved in the expedition.

“This year, I decided to make one of the hardest but most exciting decisions I’ve ever made: exploring Mongolia for 18 days. I didn’t know what to expect. All I could rely on was months of preliminary land exploration via Google Earth and then turning this exploration into real life.”

“The places I wanted to explore were very remote and difficult to reach, even by car: there are hardly any roads. 90% of the travel agencies wouldn’t take me to the…