Out of 600 international businesses, St. Louis-based drone startup WingXpand was chosen to participate in the “Techstars” program in Los Angeles. The program focuses on aerospace technology and collaborates with agencies like NASA and the U.S. Space Force.

According to co-founder Michelle Madaras, WingXpand collaborates with fire and Police departments and other clients to develop drone response scenarios.

“What is in the realm of the possible,” Madaras says. “Let’s really push those limits and design this thing and implement this thing in a way that will unlock new possibilities.”

Elite Space Program Will Include A St. Louis Drone Startup

WingXpand flight time

Unlike other drones, which can only fly for about 20 minutes, WingXpand’s creation can fly for two and a half hours. The drone from WingXpand can also carry more weight, which enables it to use more advanced cameras.

“Not only collect video but do things down to measuring, counting for crops and the health of those crops,” Madaras…


Source: dronexl.co