British Aerospace Engineering (BAE) and drone firm Malloy Engineering have revealed a heavy-lift drone concept that can carry either a trio of air-to-ground missiles or torpedoes besides a range of basic tactical battlefield attack, logistical, and surveillance roles.

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The T-650 was first displayed with three Brimstone missiles at the Defense Vehicle Dynamic exhibition. So far, the quadcopter drone with eight rotors – two contra-rotating/co-axial on each arm – seems to be only a concept, with reports of its operational deployment remaining unconfirmed.

The BAE Systems-Malloy Engineering T-650 drone concept is shown carrying three Brimstone missiles.

The drone was first revealed in September 2021 at the Defense and Security Equipment International exhibition, with a tweet showing a BAE-made Sting Ray torpedo mounted on its undercarriage, with the drone’s mock-up itself…