2-axis gimbal GremsyGremsy has introduced the T3V3, a 2-axis gimbal solution for the enterprise, offering a smaller, lightweight solution with longer flight times.

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Weighing just 750 grams (about 26 ounces) with a payload capacity of 1700 grams (about 3.75 pounds) the T3V3 offers the image quality needed for industrial applications, with the longer flight times that a smaller form factor enables.

For some applications, the 2-axis gimbal offers particular advantages.  A front-mounted, 2-axis gimbal is ideal for inspections in tight spaces, like the underside of a bridge; providing users with an unobstructed view from top to bottom.  See the front-mounted gimbal in action, in this explainer video from Acecore.

Like most Gremsy systems, the T3V3 is highly adaptable, and ready for use with multiple drone platforms.  “Fully supporting MAVLink protocol and enables connections to the most widely…


Source: dronelife.com