new eVTOL fixed wingNew eVTOL Fixed Wing from DeltaQuad Surpasses Limits of UAV Performance

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Dutch drone manufacturer DeltaQuad has begun the public beta phase for its Evo model, a new Vertical Takeoff and Landing capable fixed wing electric UAV developed for mapping, inspection, and surveillance.

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An innovative design built with the latest developments in aerodynamics in mind, the Evo is surpassing previous eVTOL flight times and mission limitations. The aircraft will be made available in configurations for both commercial and military use.

“About two years ago, we noticed requirements for eVTOL drones were changing,” said DeltaQuad CEO Douwe Zeeman. “We saw a rapidly growing demand for increased flight times and flexible payload options, with a lower total cost of ownership.”

DeltaQuad set about to incorporate these demands into a new design. The model’s cutting-edge wing shape provides aerodynamic…