DJI Mini 3 Pro – Move Over Everyone – A Professional Drone for Under $1,000

by Paul Rossi, DRONELIFE Contributor and Chief Operations Officer and Chief Pilot at Nine Ten Drones.

All prices are estimates as of time of publication and subject to change.

Earlier this year we saw manufacturers downsize their sUAS while also increase performance capabilities by introducing “upgraded” versions of already available models.

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In May of 2022 DJI released the Mini 3 Pro which started showing up in the wild throughout June and into July. The Mini 3 Pro with DJI RC is a huge upgrade to the Mini 2 which had no obstacle detection and required a cell phone or the expensive DJI Smart Controller to fly.

For so many folks the first drone they will ever fly is this miniature “ship” that weighs less than .55 pounds (Yes, this drone weighs just over half a pound and I did call a drone a ship, shoutout to the great Jon McBride). 28 years…