Counter drone systems (cUAS) are designed to detect, identify and mitigate unauthorized drones.  Unmanned traffic management   (UTM) solutions are a framework of regulations and technology products that work to provide a system providing stakeholders with a view of airspace traffic that allows commercial operators to avoid collisions and cooperate in shared airspace.

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Now, ANRA SIAOP – which stands for “Single Integrated Airspace Operational Picture” – combines aspects of both technologies to offer a single, complete view of the airspace designed to help both operators and authorities.


At the recent Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, DRONELIFE caught up with ANRA Founder and CEO Amit Ganjoo.

“UTM systems identify cooperative aircraft, those like commercial manned aircraft transmitting through ADS-B,” explains Ganjoo.  “Counter UAS systems help identify non-cooperative aircraft, utilizing ground-based sensors like…