Every so often, you come across an FPV drone video that simply shatters your beliefs of what is possible with drones. This is one of those videos. Be sure to take a minute and watch it because it’s unlike anything you have seen before.

The creator said on YouTube about this video that “Flying into water used to mean the end. Now it’s just the beginning.”

The comments on YouTube are a good indication of how awesome the video is, with one person saying, “This is one of the most clever, ballsy, and cutting edge creative ideas I have seen in FPV! Keep them coming. Wow, man!!!! So cool! Excellent edit.”

FPV drone video

In case you’re wondering what kind of FPV Drones were used in the creation of this FPV Drone Video, Blastr added the following information for you.

However, he adds that “these custom quads are difficult to build and took lots of trial and error to get right, so good luck and fly…


Source: dronexl.co