Apple just released its newest iPhones, the 14 and 14 Pro and, boy oh boy, is it tempting to throw in the $1,099 for the latest and greatest from the company. But will it be the best phone to use for flying drones?

Trust me, I know the itch to upgrade to the newest iPhone each year when Apple’s executives tout those (well-worded) statements of it being the best iPhone they ever made. However, there are some rumors that the iPhone 15 could bring changes that will make the lives of those who fly drones much easier – and that’s all about USB-C.

What could be coming in future iPhones

With a new ruling in the European Union that all smartphones must use the standard USB-C port for charging, Apple could be forced to ditch Lightning next year. Meaning because of the EU, Apple users everywhere could be getting USB-C iPhones, simplifying what cords we need to bring for flying.

We all have that one pocket or compartment in the gear case filled with cables,…