FAA drone compliance

It’s September 16, 2022, which means that the FAA’s drone Remote ID requirements for manufacturers goes into effect today.

What does that mean? That means you should be very careful about the drones you buy.

Remote ID overview

Effective immediately, the new FAA law is in place that requires drone brands to include compliant Remote ID hardware for all drones on store shelves.

FAA Remote ID classifications

Remote ID requires your aircraft to transmit a unique Identifying ID, the location and some telemetry of the aircraft, and the location of the controller. This transmission will be publicly accessible, but your personal info remains accessible only to authorities. Similar to the license plate on your car.

Aircraft without this hardware built in may use an external module. If using an external module, the remote control location will not be reported, instead the take-off location is included.

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Source: www.dronerush.com