The drone division of the Ukrainian military, Aerorozvidka, just released a statement saying that their powerful R18 drone helped to destroy $130 million in Russian military equipment since the beginning of the conflict.

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Powerful R18 Drone Helps Ukraine Destroy Over $130M In Russian Military Equipment

That is the quantity of enemy equipment that was struck and destroyed with the aid of Aerorozvidka’s Ukrainian drone R18. And this is merely data from a subset of the R18 crews.

Ten facts about the R18 drone

Aerorozvidka would like you to know the following ten facts about their R18 drones:

  • R18 has a high ROI. Aerorozvidka specialists have calculated that every dollar invested in producing a copter is equivalent to $670 in enemy losses due to destroyed and damaged military equipment. For example, the cost of BMP-2 is about $1 million; about 30 were destroyed, damaged or disabled.
  • The R18 drone was developed by the Ukrainian military from the very beginning. The project started in 2017, and in 2019, the…