After registering with the RDW as a drone owner in the Netherlands, you will receive an operator number that you must affix visibly to all your drones. As it turns out, this does not necessarily have to be done using a sticker or plate with numbers and letters that can be read by humans. According to EASA, the operator number may also be affixed to a device as a QR code.

Registration Number

Since 2020, all recreational drone pilots or companies in the Netherlands are obliged to register as operators with the RDW.

After registration, you will receive an operator number, which you must affix visibly to all your drones. In this way, law enforcement can verify who owns the drone. (NB. From January 1, 2024, the operator number must, in many cases, also be programmed into the drone.)

The registration number consists of a series of letters and numbers, followed by three control letters that may be omitted. Many drone pilots choose to have a plate made with the operator…