A new version of the DJI Mimo app is now available to download. And according to the release notes, the update adds support for the Osmo Action 3 camera and other new products.

Mimo is the all-in-one app that DJI has designed specifically for its Osmo series of cameras and video stabilizers. This includes the OM line of smartphone gimbals, Pocket handheld cameras, and action cameras – Osmo Action, Action 2, and now, Osmo Action 3. Mimo comes packed with several intuitive features, editing tools, and pre-designed templates through which users can edit and share footage to social media instantly.

Here’s what is new in DJI Mimo version 1.8.0:

  1. Adds support for Osmo Action 3 and other new products.
  2. Supports Stabilization and InvisiStick and other new features in Album.

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