DJI just released the Avata. It’s DJI’s second iteration of a ready-to-fly, first-person-view drone. The Avata is aimed at newcomers and professionals alike for indoor and outdoor FPV flying, preferably moving through a window. Here is our review of DJI’s Avata from someone that has flown FPV drones for years.

For people who have never flown FPV, a quick brief: It’s the closest thing to being a bird. It allows for unparalleled drone control and, until recently, had a steep learning curve. 

The short review: the Avata is the only FPV drone that I could hand off to a total newcomer and have that person fly confidently around a room, out the window, and back again within a minute of instructions. The resulting 4k footage is stunning and buttery smooth. 

If DJI’s goal was to “open up the excitement of flying an FPV drone to a broader audience,” they have succeeded, hands down. 

I was fortunate enough to get the Pro-view combo from DJI for this…