DJI’s new FPV drone has left a lot of people impressed, and this includes both beginners and professionals. There are many things that make Avata “the” drone to have, but the two areas we want to focus on today are how it opens up a whole new world for cinematic videography and just how incredibly thrilling an immersive flight experience can be.

At $1,388 for the Pro-View Combo, DJI Avata is not the cheapest drone on the market. But it’s certainly one that is able to justify its price tag right from the first flight. The great thing about the Pro-View Combo is that it comes with DJI Goggles 2. These not only let you experience the video in 1080p at 100 fps, but they also have an intuitive touch panel on the side from where you can control the aircraft and the gimbal camera freely with just one hand.

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A whole new way to explore a location

The first video we’re featuring today comes from…