The DJI Avata is possibly the most fun I’ve had flying a drone, but its high price tag and steep learning curve make me wonder how big the FPV drone market will ever become.

DJI has attempted to lessen this learning curve with its ‘Motion controller’ that came out with the first (and much larger) DJI FPV drone last year. I’ve been using this new controller all week, and while it’s insanely intuitive, I’m not sure if it’s truly the right tool to use to control a flying camera.

Beyond that, the company has released a newer and smaller pair of FPV goggles with HD display capabilities, a touch panel and adjustable prescription lenses that are pretty amazing. There truly is a lot to love about the Avata drone system, but you need to ask yourself a few questions before you decide to pick this up over a Mini 3 Pro.

What to know before you buy

The Avata is known as a ‘Cinewoop’ drone since it’s small, safe and fast. These drones accomplish crazy shots of flying…