DroneUp training

Courtesy of DroneUp

The new DroneUp training, testing and research center is supporting rapid growth for the company and a career path for drone pilots.  A DRONELIFE Exclusive interview, from the floor of Commercial UAV Expo.
by Paul Rossi, DRONELIFE Contributor and Chief Operations Officer and Chief Pilot at Nine Ten Drones.
It is 2022 and Commercial UAV Expo has fully recovered from the impact Covid-19 had on the conference since 2019. We are seeing crowds of newly licensed drone pilots and curious uncertified individuals attending Commercial UAV to find the abundance of work and employment opportunities that experts have been projecting for years. This year DroneUp is standing out above the rest when it comes to hiring and providing opportunity for professional growth.

DroneUp recently announced the launch of the DroneUp training, testing and research & development center at Richard Bland College in Petersburg, VA. The company currently employs over 300…


Source: dronelife.com