Everyone who has done a kitchen renovation knows that construction is hard. It’s slow, progress is painful, getting all the trades to come at the right time is like getting the stars to align, and there is massive waste in the process.

Exyn Technologies think they can reduce some of it via drones. And the company just landed a major client: Obayashi, the largest Japanese construction firm.

But these drones won’t lift a hammer or install a window. Rather, they’ll fly the entire construction site continuously and autonomously, mapping 3D space and uploading the visual data to BIM platforms — building information modeling systems — to ensure that everything stays on track. Essentially, they’re creating a living, breathing digital twin of the constantly-evolving job site in near real time.

They won’t be doing this for your next bathroom redo, of course.

This is intended for the $1.5 billion stadium, or $1 billion tower, or the $250 million hotel build.


Source: www.forbes.com