BetaFPV Meteor75 Walksnail

The BetaFPV Meteor75 Walksnail is probably the world’s first 1S Whoop style FPV drone with an onboard HD digital transmission system. It is compatible with the compact Walksnail Avatar Digital HD FPV Goggles.

The 75mm carbon fiber frame is equipped with upgraded 1102 18000KV brushless motors and a protective injection molded canopy. The Walksnail Avatar Mini HD VTX board uses H.265 high-efficiency video coding, an industry-leading technology, providing 1080P@60FPS image recording with 22ms ultra-low latency. Thanks to the built-in 8 GB memory, the Meteor75 Walksnail can record HD video without interference from capacity and export video by USB cable.


Meteor75 Walksnail uses the latest BetaFPV F4 1S 5A flight controllers. It features Serial ELRS 2.4G instead of SPI ELRS 2.4G for the ExpressLRS version compared to the previous version. The Frsky version reserves two UART ports for the available external receiver to be…