Matternet is the first drone delivery startup to receive FAA Type Certification for its M2 delivery drone.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Type Certification will enable Matternet to grow its drone delivery operations in the United States and provides the firm with a significant edge over its competitors.

Matternet, a drone delivery startup, made the announcement today that the aviation authority has granted Type Certification to the company’s Matternet M2 delivery drone.

The Matternet M2 delivery drone is the first non-military unmanned aircraft to get Type Certification in the United States.

The conclusion of the FAA’s thorough study that lasted over four years demonstrates the M2 aircraft’s safety and dependability, which is a crucial step towards expanding commercial drone operations in the United States.

“We are incredibly proud that Matternet M2 has met the very rigorous safety standards of the FAA and is the first drone delivery system to be…