ROI of commercial drones, DIIG, drones infrastructure inspection grant act, drones for bridge inspectionReal World ROI: Unlocking the Future of Successful Drone Adoption 

At this morning’s Commercial UAV Expo Keynotes,  Commercial UAV Expo Editor Jeremiah Karpowitz and Skydio Co-Founder and CEO Adam Bry discussed how the concept of automation and reliability inform the ROI of commercial drones.

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Skydio’s platform is known for their ground-breaking autonomy, and Bry says that autonomy is key to maximizing the ROI of commercial drones. “We’re at a place in the drone industry where people who are experts in drones have figured out to do all kinds of useful stuff,” said Bry, “but you still need someone who is an expert to do that stuff.”

Skydio Adam Bry

Skydio co-founder and CEO Adam Bry

That need for an expert pilot can limit the scale of commercial drone projects – and limit the value of the commercial drone program.  “We think the smarter the drone gets, the more useful it is,” Bry said.

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