Drone maker Skydio is joining forces with Toronto-based software company Qii.AI to make automated infrastructure inspections more efficient and effective for customers in North America.

Qii.AI is a web-based platform that facilitates remote, collaborative inspections of critical infrastructure assets such as bridges, dams, and wind turbines. The software uses computer vision and machine learning to improve the inspection process with computer-assisted detection and quantification of corrosion, cracking, delamination, and other problems in steel and concrete.

Now, with this new partnership between the two companies, customers using Skydio 3D Scan software will be able to utilize Qii.AI’s computer-assisted detection and quantification of corrosion-related defects.

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According to Qii.AI, the integration will make inspections of large, complex structures significantly more efficient, while…


Source: dronedj.com