DJI will be releasing an update to the Action series of handheld cameras on September 14th and the rumored Action 3 will return to the form-factor of the original Osmo Action.

The Action 2, released just under a year ago, was a novel modular design that had some good ideas but also some tragic flaws. Overheating issues and a missing SD slot on main camera body were non-starters for many action camera enthusiasts and we suspect the Action 2 was never widely adopted.

The main challenge we had with the Action 2 was the limited internal storage of the main camera module. Just 32GB for a camera that shoots 4K really limits what you can shoot. In our case using the main camera module alone forced us to shoot 1080p, otherwise we would have to add-on the screen module which makes the camera flop around more when wearing it.

DJI Action 3 release announcement

The other con of the Action 2 was it’s price. Bundling the main camera with the Touchscreen module put you over $500. Meanwhile…