Lucid spraying dronesCompany uses spraying drones to efficiently and safely wash buildings

By Jim Magill

Innovative entrepreneurs continue to come up with new ways in which drones can be used to perform a wide range of jobs that had previously required human workers, more efficiently, at a lower cost and more safely, than was previously possible.

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Charlotte, North Carolina Lucid Drone Technologies employs custom-built unmanned aerial vehicles to wash the exteriors of buildings, replacing the need of having workers get to tether themselves onto suspended platforms to perform that dangerous job.

Lucid CEO Andrew Ashur said the founders of the company discovered Lucid’s mission almost by accident.

“The problem really found us. We saw these window washers hanging off the side of a building, trying to clean from great heights,” he said. “It was a fairly windy day and we saw this platform just banging into the side of the building with the workers up…