What would it be like to be onboard an FPV drone? This French videographer and FPV drone pilot Stéphane Couchoud strapped a brand new DJI Avata to his head and then filmed his aerobatic maneuvers in the air. Very nicely done!

Superman style

The DJI Avata has only been on the market for a good week, and already, the necessary videos have been made with it. But Stéphane Couchoud decided to shoot a very different kind of FPV Drone Video. Namely, one where it seems as if the pilot himself is on board the drone. The dream of soaring through the sky like a bird becomes reality.

Stéphane achieved the effect of flying himself by recording his arm movements with the Motion Controller in Superman style and projecting those images on top of the drone images. Every detail was thought of; even the lighting rotates as the drone makes a turn. Undoubtedly, many hours have been put into it!

Outdoor FPV drone flying



Source: dronexl.co