new EVO II V3 SeriesAutel Robotics to Announce New EVO II V3 Series Drones at IFA 2022

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M Crosby

Aviation and aerospace company Autel Robotics will be announcing a range of new drones and related accessories at electronics trade show IFA 2022. Autel’s products to be revealed include the new Autel EVO II V3 Series, a Live Deck video streaming accessory, and two smart controllers for the new line of drones.

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Building upon the successes of the EVO II V2 series, the updated EVO II V3 series features improvements such as higher-resolution image systems with improved low light performance, enhanced thermal camera performance, and the addition of attachable accessories for specific use cases. Other modifications include improved heat dissipation for increased operational durability, multi-GNSS positioning capability for more accurate flying, and improvements to long range image transmission.

In total, six new EVO II models will…