DJI has released a new firmware upgrade of its top shelf, professionally conceived Ronin 4D cinematography camera, adding an array of features, including ActiveTrack speed setting and support of ProRes 4444XQ and ProRes 422LT recording.

DJI released the Ronin 4D camera last October after consulting with professional movie photographers as it aimed to introduce the ultimate cinematographic tool offering capabilities beyond those already on the market. The result was a camera that not only enhances existing video technologies, but also borrows features from the company’s main line of drone production. 

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DJI unveiled the Ronin 4D camera with four-axis stabilization, LiDAR focusing, wireless transmission, and cinematic imaging tucked away in a strong carbon fiber and aluminum magnesium casing — and it’s compatible with three different lenses. 

True, at $6,799 the cutting-edge jewel…