Drone intrusions from Pakistan concern for BSF
Drone intrusions from Pakistan concern for BSF

Chandigarh: The unabated incidents of drone intrusions from Pakistan which breach India’s border security to airdrop drugs, arms, and ammunition in the border areas of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory (JKUT) have become a serious cause of concern not only for the Border Security Force (BSF) but also for the police force in both the border states.

The innovative drone tactics adopted by the Pak’s ISI-backed drug cartels and insurgent groups have forced India to install anti-drone technology all across the 553 kilometre Indo Pak border in Punjab but it has its own constraints given the fact that drone technology is not only constantly evolving but they have also become affordable and easy to use even by the inexpert drone pilots.

During the current year, two dozen sorties were reportedly made by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) flying from Pakistan in JKUT while more than two dozen Pak drones…


Source: www.thenorthlines.com