Now that the DJI Avata is out and ready to purchase, there’s a surprise when you checkout – a Golden Ticket! So what is this Golden Ticket, and what is DJI Day 2022?

What are DJI’s Golden Ticket and DJI Day 2022?

Mentioned nowhere in the announcement of the DJI Avata, when you add the drone to your cart and checkout, you will find a Golden Ticket on your confirmation page. We’ve seen DJI Golden Tickets during other drone releases, but this one is for “DJI Day 2022.”

According to DJI’s website, owning a Golden Ticket will give you “access to the exclusive benefits and unique experiences” for whatever DJI Day turns out to be. Details on what it will be are light, but we know it will be held in 2022, and complete details will come via email soon. However, like previous Golden Ticket events, it will probably become a coupon to save money on DJI Avata accessories.

DJI Avata prices

Since the only way to get the Golden Ticket is by purchasing…