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25 Aug 2022 01:55:22 UTC

24 Aug 2022 | Synopsis

“We need to get around. Cars offer us huge convenience and freedom of movement, not to mention the reality that cars are a bit of a symbol of style and status. When you’ve had your own car for years, it can be hard to imagine life without one.

“Going forwards, electrification of vehicles has a huge role to play in tackling the impact cars have on the environment – largely because it eliminates all tailpipe emissions.”

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Ingenuity Survives Martian Winter, Soars for 30th Flight After 101 Freezing Nights

24 Aug 2022 | Synopsis

“While the spacecraft rotated its wings, the Jazero crater, where it is located, is still going through winters and with temperatures falling as low as -86 Celsius.

“The quadcopter conducted a short hop on the day as it…


Source: www.evworld.com