HiTec new servo actuatorFixed wing drones for endurance missions like mapping and surveillance are increasingly important in both the commercial and government applications.  The HiTec new servo actuator is perfect for commercial and military-grade fixed wing drones, offering outstanding performance.

10mm, Coreless, Wide Voltage, Steel Gear Servo Actuator

Hitec Commercial Solutions as announced their new ultra-precise, magnetic encoder MD141SH and high-resolution D141SH digital wing servo actuators. “Engineered with coreless motors and wide operating voltage ranges, these slim wing servos are the perfect answer for all commercial and military-grade fixed-wing UAS, as well as larger gliders,” says the announcement. “The durable steel gears and 32-bit programmability provide the resilience and precision that critical, tactical missions demand and in-wing applications require.”

HiTec performance specs are verified and tested by both expert engineers, and independent parties.

Both HiTec new servo…


Source: dronelife.com