Look out down below! Ukraine’s tiny, terrifying DIY drones are carpet-bombing Russian forces.

Videos that have appeared online in recent weeks depict locally-made R-18 quadcopters carrying as many as 10 Soviet-style RKG-3 grenades. One video also depicts at least two Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, operating as a swarm, dropping a whole lot of grenades on one Russian armored vehicle, apparently destroying it.

The videos speak to the Ukrainians’ ingenuity as Russia’s wider war on Ukraine grinds toward its sixth month. Ukrainian troops have been using drones—everything from 1,500-pound, missile-armed TB-2s down to off-the-shelf quadcopters weighing just a few pounds—to scout for the enemy, direct artillery fire and drop grenades.

Drones also have doubled as cruise missiles in Ukrainian service. Strap high-explosives to a UAV and crash it into, or land it next to, a Russian installation.



Source: www.forbes.com