Video games have been home to iconic animals for as long as players can remember, and at this point, it’s easy to assume that every animal has had their time in the spotlight. But among the cats and dogs gamers have spent decades adoring, some of the more underrated species are finally getting the attention they deserve.

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Although they tend to be villainized in video games, raccoons have undeniably been introducing their cheeky personality in unexpected ways across a vast selection of genres. From simulators set in the streets of Toronto to taking the reigns as a private eye in a dystopian post-noir narrative, these chaotic critters have been consistently praised as a whirlwind of fun.


10 BK – Donut County

BK, or Brooklyn Trash King, perfectly represents everything raccoons stand for in video games. Adopting a stubborn and brazen attitude, he’s the reason Donut Country falls into…