Drone reality capture platform SkyeBrowse has finally released an Android app to support DJI and Autel platforms. The one-click 3D modeling app supports as many as 20 drones.

SkyeBrowse’s proprietary videogrammetry software can create accurate 3D models within minutes without training. The solution is designed for first responders and public safety officials.

SkyeBrowse said its app has helped departments to document accidents and crime scenes in 90 seconds, instead of three hours. Then there is a thermal mapping mode that allows live structure fires to be 3D modeled in two minutes. Meanwhile, with WideBrowse, 50 acres can be mapped in five minutes for natural disasters.

That’s not all. Hazmat runoffs are also cleared 90% faster with SkyeBrowse. Preplanning for critical infrastructure can also be done with a five-minute flight.

Here’s a list of drones that are supported by the SkyeBrowse Android app:

• Autel Evo I

• Autel Evo II Pro / 8k…


Source: dronedj.com