The DJI Mavic 3 is the world’s first drone with a C1 label. That means users can start using the drone later this year in the Open subcategory A1, where flying near people is allowed. Obtaining an A2 certificate is then no longer necessary. Existing users of the Mavic 3 simply need to perform a firmware upgrade to make their device compliant.

Cx labels

As part of the European drone regulations, the so-called Cx labels will be mandatory for newly sold drones from 1-1-2024. The label indicates in which category the user may fly.

  • Drones with a C0 and C1 label fall into Open category A1.
  • Heavier drones with a C2 label fall into category A2.
  • Everything above that and the so-called legacy drones above 250 grams will end up in category A3.

The Open category A1 offers by far the most possibilities to drone pilots. For example, it is allowed to fly over buildings (although some EU Countries restrict this). Furthermore, flying over people should be avoided as much as possible,…